“My dog hit the emergency brake, which of course released it, and my motorhome rolled across the In & Out Burger parking lot right into the trash enclosure causing $10,000 worth of damage!”

Our first reaction upon hearing this was that this man was lucky his motorhome did not kill anyone!  Because we travel often with our dogs in the motorhome, this became a topic of concern.

We then began noticing many other accounts in the news:

  • A child pushes the emergency brake on a school bus full of children, causing the bus to roll down the highway.
  • At an RV rally, a child climbs into a motorhome and pushes the emergency brake, causing the vehicle to roll downhill into a trolley full of people.
  • During a mutual aid fire fighting effort, an object within the cab of a Fire Engine falls on the emergency parking brake causing the vehicle to roll off a cliff.

. . . . And the stories keep coming.

Carl began working on ideas to solve the problem, but most were too complicated and/ or too expensive to produce . . . until the development of "Air Brake Plunger Securing Device."  The Device is easy to use to prevent accidental release of the emergency brake, and the Master Lock is an added feature that can be used to help deter theft of the vehicle (only included in "L" models). Absolute Brake's Air Brake Plunger Securing Device provides added security when your vehicle is unattended!

Officers of Absolute Brake®

Carl B. Alaniz, President & Founder

When it comes to trucks, Carl has a long history of experience.  Having a Class A Commercial Driver’s License he has driven an array of commercial vehicles with Air Brake Systems.  As a former Police Officer and while working for companies such as TRW, Roadway, Ashbury and Savage, he has seen first hand the damage and injuries that can be caused from not having the Air Brake System secured.  Carl created the Absolute Brake® company in an effort to deter more unnecessary accidents.     






Inspiration for Company Name

Shadow Acres Absolut of Caraland

Absolut has since passed on, but her memory lives on in the name of our company.

Sire: CH. Talimas Top Shelf Tebe Nobe

Dam: CH. Ponca Hill's Christy Brinkley


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